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Ajami, Nadim J., Kavanagh, Owen ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2599-8511, Ramani, Sasirekha, Crawford, Sue E., Atmar, Robert L, Jiang, Zhi‐Dong, Okhuysen, Pablo C., Estes, Mary K. and DuPont, Herbert L. (2014) Seroepidemiology of Norovirus‐Associated Travelers' Diarrhea. Journal of Travel Medicine, 21 (1). pp. 6-11.

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Farkas, Daniel L., Nicolau, Dan V., Leif, Robert C., Bocsi, József, Nieschke, Kathleen, Mittag, Anja, Reichert, Thomas, Laffers, Wiebke, Marecka, Monika, Pierzchalski, Arkadiusz, Piltz, Joachim, Esche, Hans-Jürgen, Wolf, Günther, Dähnert, Ingo, Baumgartner, Adi ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7042-0308 and Tarnok, Attila (2014) Diagnosis of myocardial infarction based on lectin-induced erythrocyte agglutination: a feasibility study. In: Imaging, Manipulation, and Analysis of Biomolecules, Cells, and Tissues XII. Proceedings of SPIE (8947). SPIE

Fearnley, G. W., Odell, Adam ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6855-7214, Latham, A. M., Mughal, N. A., Bruns, A. F., Burgoyne, N. J., Homer-Vanniasinkam, S., Zachary, I. C., Hollstein, M. C., Wheatcroft, S. B. and Ponnambalam, S. (2014) VEGF-A isoforms differentially regulate ATF-2-dependent VCAM-1 gene expression and endothelial-leukocyte interactions. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 25 (16). pp. 2509-2521.

Fearnley, Gareth W., Smith, Gina A., Odell, Adam ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6855-7214, Latham, Antony M., Wheatcroft, Stephen B., Harrison, Michael A., Tomlinson, Darren C. and Ponnambalam, Sreenivasan (2014) Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A-Stimulated Signaling from Endosomes in Primary Endothelial Cells. Methods in Enzymology, 535. pp. 265-292.


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Jopling, Helen, Odell, Adam ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6855-7214, Pellet-Many, Caroline, Latham, Antony, Frankel, Paul, Sivaprasadarao, Asipu, Walker, John, Zachary, Ian and Ponnambalam, Sreenivasan (2014) Endosome-to-Plasma Membrane Recycling of VEGFR2 Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Regulates Endothelial Function and Blood Vessel Formation. Cells, 3 (2). pp. 363-385.


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Laver Fawcett, Alison ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9924-1319 and Mallinson-Howard, Sarah H. ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8525-1540 (2014) The development of the Activity Card Sort - United Kingdom (ACS-UK): Content validity, item generation and selection. In: 16th International Congress of the World Federation of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists in collaboration with the 48th Japanese Occupational Therapy Congress and Expo, June 18 -21 2014, Yokohama, Japan. (Unpublished)

Liu, Peng, Wang, Zhipeng, Brown, Sarah, Kannappan, Vinodh, Tawari, Patricia Erebi, Jiang, Wenguo, Irache, Juan M., Tang, James Z., Britland, Stephen, Armesilla, Angel L., Darling, John L., Wang, Weiguang and Wang, Weiguang Wang (2014) Liposome encapsulated Disulfiram inhibits NFκB pathway and targets breast cancer stem cells in vitro and in vivo. Oncotarget, 5 (17).


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Spring, Hannah (2014) Health 2.0 and Information Literacy for Rare and Orphan Diseases. In: Bali, Rajeev K., Bos, Lodewijk, Gibbons, Michael C. and Ibell, Simon R., (eds.) Rare Diseases in the Age of Health 2.0. Springer, pp. 101-113

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Swamy, Meenakshi, Sawdon, Marina, Chaytor, Andrew, Cox, David, Barbaro-Brown, Judith and McLachlan, John (2014) A study to investigate the effectiveness of SimMan® as an adjunct in teaching preclinical skills to medical students. BMC Medical Education, 14 (1).


Vande Loock, K., Botsivali, M., Zangogianni, M., Anderson, D., Baumgartner, Adi ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7042-0308, Fthenou, E., Chatzi, L., Marcos, R., Agramunt, S., Namork, E., Granum, B., Knudsen, L. E., Nielssen, J. K. S., Meltzer, H. M., Haugen, M., Kyrtopoulos, S. A., Decordier, I., Plas, G., Roelants, M., Merlo, F., Kleinjans, J., Kogevinas, M. and Kirsch-Volders, M. (2014) The effect of dietary estimates calculated using food frequency questionnaires on micronuclei formation in European pregnant women: a NewGeneris study. Mutagenesis, 29 (6). pp. 393-400.


ZHAO, Yaofeng, LI, Ning, Aitken, Robert, DAI, Yunping, GUO, Ying, ZHANG, Ran, MENG, Qingyong, HU, Xiaoxiang, REN, Liming, WANG, Meili, ZHENG, Min, XU, Beilei, MA, Li, SUN, Yi, LIANG, Jingwen, CHU, Dan, CHENG, Xueqian and ZHANG, Min (2014) Depletion of conventional mature B cells and compromised specific antibody response in bovine immunoglobulin &Mgr; heavy-chain transgenic mice. Frontiers of Agricultural Science and Engineering, 1 (2). pp. 158-173.

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