Dr Richard Bourne

Head of School

School of Humanities, Religion & Philosophy

I have been fortunate enough to teach across a wide range of areas in theology, philosophy and ethics. My research is primarily in theological ethics and political theology, often in dialogue with contemporary political philosophy. I am also co-writing (with Dr Imogen Adkins) A New Introduction to Theology: Embodiment, Experience and Encounter - a book intended for readers encountering theology for the first time. It introduces them to Christian doctrine as it is embodied and encountered through the arts, culture and politics.

I studied Theology at the University of Exeter, beginning with a BA (1997), carrying on to an MA (1999) and a PhD (2005) on the political theology of the Mennonite theologian John Howard Yoder. Since then I have taught at the Open Theological College (2005), Lancaster University (2006), Leeds Trinity University (2006-2007), and the University of Cumbria (2005-2015).

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Latest Publications

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