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Kollontai, Pauline (2015) Emotional intelligence in higher education: using art in a philosophical discussion on God, evil and suffering. Research in Education, 93 (1). pp. 66-76.

Kollontai, Pauline (2010) Healing the heart in Bosnia‐Herzegovina: art, children and peacemaking. International Journal of Children's Spirituality, 15 (3). pp. 261-271.

Kollontai, Pauline (2006) Between Judaism and Christianity: the case of Messianic Jews. Journal of religion and society, 8.

Kollontai, Pauline (2004) Messianic Jews and Jewish identity. Journal of Modern Jewish Studies, 3 (2). pp. 195-205.

Kollontai, Pauline (2002) Theodicy in a post-Holocaust world: the work of Dorothee Soelle. Theology. pp. 265-273.

Book Section

Kollontai, Pauline (2017) Biblical Jewish Values on Care of the Stranger and the Neighbour in Israel: The Case of the Bedouin of the Negev. In: Kollontai, Pauline, Yore, Sue and Kim, Sebastian, (eds.) The role of religion in peacebuilding : Crossing Boundaries of Prejudice and Distrust. Jessica Kingsley, pp. 260-285

Kollontai, Pauline (2017) Who is My Neighbour? The Laïcité-Islam Encounter in France. In: Kim, David William, (ed.) Religious encounters in transcultural society : collision, alteration, and transmission. Lexington Books, pp. 23-46

Kollontai, Pauline (2015) Art in a Theological and Philosophical Discussion on Theodicy and Moral Evil. In: Kollontai, Pauline and Yore, Sue, (eds.) Mediating Peace: Reconciliation Through Art, Music and Film. Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars, pp. 57-73

Kollontai, Pauline (2015) ‘Inter-Religious Work for Peace through Globalized Transnational Civil Society. In: Herrington, L., MacKay, A. and Haynes, J., (eds.) Nations Under God: Religion and Geopolitics. London, E-IR Publications, pp. 176-186

Kollontai, Pauline (2015) Storytelling in Religious Education: Promoting Respect and Empathy in Diverse Communities. In: Gross, Z. and Davies, L., (eds.) The Contested Role of Education and Conflict and Fragility. Sense Publishers, pp. 217-234

Kollontai, Pauline (2014) Come to the Edge and Reach Over: Christian and Muslim Women Creating Communities of Trust. In: Khadar, J. and Twal, I., (eds.) Christian Muslim Relations: From Theocracy to Secularism and Between. University of Bethlehem

Kollontai, Pauline (2013) Adopting a peace education approach in religious schools: perspectives from Bosnia-Herzegovina. In: Buchanan, Michael, (ed.) Leadership and Religious Schools: International Perspectives and Challenges. London, Bloomsbury, pp. 69-88

Kollontai, Pauline (2012) Feminism and faith: women building peace and reconciliation in post-conflict Bosnia-Herzegovina. In: Kollontai, Pauline and Noake, Richard, (eds.) Building communities of reconciliation. Volume II: Christian responses to situations of conflict. Nanumsa: South Korea, pp. 175-200

Kollontai, Pauline (2012) The Sacred Icon: Confronting the Anthropocentrism of a Secularized World. In: Gibson, Stephen and Mollan, Simon, (eds.) Representations of Peace and Conflict. Rethinking Political Violence . Palgrave, pp. 226-244

Kollontai, Pauline (2008) Religion as a tool for waging peace: theoretical perspectives in the context of Bosnia-Herzegovina. In: Kim, Sebastian, Kollontai, Pauline and Hoyland, Gregory, (eds.) Peace and reconciliation in search of shared identity. Ashgate Publishing Limited

Kollontai, Pauline (2007) Transplanting religion: defining community and expressing identity. In: Kim, Sebastian and Kollontai, Pauline, (eds.) Community identity: dynamics of religion in context. T & T Clark, pp. 57-68


Kollontai, Pauline (2008) Peace and Reconciliation: In Search of Shared Identity. Aldershot, Ashgate

Kollontai, Pauline (2007) Community identity: perspectives from theology and religious studies. London, T&T Clark

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