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Beaumont, Alexander ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8154-3300 (2016) Ballard’s Island(s): White Heat, National Decline and Technology After Technicity Between ‘The Terminal Beach’ and Concrete Island. Literary geographies, 2 (1). pp. 96-113.

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Book Section

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Reifenstein, Tilo (2021) On Writing: propositions for art history as literary practice. In: Lerm Hayes, Christa-Maria, Kovač, Leonida, van Rijn, Ilse and Saloul, Ihab, (eds.) Heritage and Memory Studies. Amsterdam UP (Submitted)

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Conference or Workshop Item

Reifenstein, Tilo (2017) Graphic reading—graphic writing. In: Graphic Reading conference, 19 May 2017, University of Birmingham. (Unpublished)

Reifenstein, Tilo (2020) Reading between the lines: W.G. Sebald’s words and pictures as propositions for art history as a literary practice. In: PERLEGO: Critical Perspectives on Image and Text, 19-22 Oct 2020, Oxford, UK. (Unpublished)

Reifenstein, Tilo (2019) Writing (art history) as material practice. In: Quarto Congresso Svizzero di Storia dell’Arte (Fourth Swiss Congress for Art History), 06-08 Jun 2019, Mendrisio, Switzerland. (Unpublished)

Reifenstein, Tilo (2019) Writing Art: Challenges to a literary practice. In: Association for Art History Annual Conference 2019, 4th - 6th April 2019, Brighton, UK. (Unpublished)


Campanello, Kimberly (2015) Consent. Doire Press

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Walker, Nathan (2015) Action Score Generator. First ed. If P then Q


Birch, Simon, Campanello, Kimberly, Hughes, Jon and Ingleheart, Claire (2017) Prideaux Angels. [Performance]

Campanello, Kimberly (2016) European Camaradefest (collaborating with Kinga Tóth). [Performance]

Campanello, Kimberly (2016) Eyewear Poets (w/Lindsey Holland, Ken Evans, Paul Deaton). [Performance]

Campanello, Kimberly (2016) Eyewear Publishing event at Free Verse Poetry Book Fair. [Performance]

Campanello, Kimberly (2016) Laudanum Publishing Asterism anthology launch. [Performance]

Campanello, Kimberly (2015) Launches of Strange Country in Dublin, Cork and Galway. [Performance]

Campanello, Kimberly (2016) Penny Dreadful Reading (with Dylan Brennan). [Performance]

Campanello, Kimberly (2016) Poetry Reading for New Dublin Press (w/Annemarie Ní Churreáin & Kinga Tóth). [Performance]

Campanello, Kimberly (2016) Poetry reading for International Literature Festival, Dublin. [Performance]

Campanello, Kimberly (2016) Poetry reading for The Other Room Series. [Performance]

Campanello, Kimberly (2016) Poetry reading for the Irish Literary Society (Rattlebag). [Performance]

Campanello, Kimberly (2015) Reading for Paris Poets Live Series. [Performance]

Campanello, Kimberly and Dwyer, Benjamin (2015) Poetry reading at Prague Microfestival. [Performance]

Campanello, Kimberly, Dwyer, Benjamin and Griffith, Dylan (2015) Premiere of SacrumProfanum at the Belfast Book Festival. [Performance]

Campanello, Kimberly, Dwyer, Benjamin and Knox, Garth (2015) Preimiere of imagines obesae et aspectui ingratae at Barrow River Arts Festival. [Performance]

Campanello, Kimberly and Hughes, Jonathan (2016) Premiere of cases of sudden conversion. [Performance]

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