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Bateman, Ralph (2008) 6 Miniatures, for Harp and Piano. [Composition]

Bateman, Ralph (2010) Anthology, for Piano. [Composition]

Bateman, Ralph (2010) Zeitoun: two versions for (1) voice and stones and (2) flute. [Composition]

Beer, David (2006) The pop pickers have picked decentralised media: the fall of Top of the Pops and the rise of the second media age. Sociological Research Online, 11 (3).

Beer, David and Sandywell, B. (2005) Stylistic morphing: notes on the digitisation of contemporary music culture. Convergence: the international journal of research into new media technologies, 11 (4). pp. 106-121.

Birch, Simon and Campanello, Kimberly and Hughes, Jon and Ingleheart, Claire (2017) Prideaux Angels. [Performance]


Campbell, Pat and Higgins, Lee (2015) Intersections between ethnomusicology, music education, and community music. In: Pettan, Svanibor and Titon, Jeff Todd, (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Applied Ethnomusicology. New York, Oxford University Press, pp. 638-688

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Dennis, Noel (2010) Musings from Miles: what Miles Davis can tell us about music and marketing. In: O'Reilly, Daragh and Kerrigan, Finola, (eds.) Marketing the arts: a fresh approach. Routledge


Higgins, Lee (2013) Музыка сообществ. Music in school (August).

Higgins, Lee (2017) 히긴스, 리. (2016) 세계 생활예술오케스트라 포럼 발표집. (Korean translation: Community Orchestras and Community Music: Working Together Towards a Dynamic Future). In: 서울. 세종문화회관. ICCM Research Committee Report. ICCM

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Higgins, Lee (2015) Celebrating the Margins: Community music as boundary-walker. In: Creative Collaboratorium, Nov 2015, The University of Queensland, Australia. (Unpublished)

Higgins, Lee (2015) Community Music and Cultural Democracy. In: Guest Lecture Series, Sept 2015, Research in Music, Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, Norway. (Unpublished)

Higgins, Lee (2015) Community Music and Music Education: Natural bedfellows or merely exchanging pleasantries? In: Music and Ideas, 15 Oct 2015, Royal College of Music, London. (Unpublished)

Higgins, Lee (2016) Community Music as Cultural Capital: Non-formal Music Experiences and Young People. In: Bildiriler Proceedings: Muzed Regional Conference: Music, Culture & Education on the Silk Road. Sevda - Canap and Muzik Vakfi, pp. 27-30

Higgins, Lee (2015) Community Music as a Crossroads of Interdisciplinary Research and Practice. In: Community Music Conference, Nov 2015, Munich, Germany. (Unpublished)

Higgins, Lee (2016) Community Music as a Site for Social Justice. In: Community Music:, Feb 2016, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland. (Unpublished)

Higgins, Lee (2016) Community Music as a Site for Social Justice. In: I'm Inclusive Too, 27 Feb 2016, University of York, UK. (Unpublished)

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Higgins, Lee (2016) Editorial. International Journal of Community Music, 9 (3). pp. 219-221.

Higgins, Lee (2017) Editorial. International Journal of Community Music, 10 (2).

Higgins, Lee (2010) Free to be musical: group improvisation in music. Lanham, MD, Rowman & Littlefield

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Higgins, Lee (2010) Representação de prática: música na comunidade e pesquisa baseada nas artes [Representing practice: community music and arts-based research]. Revista de Associação Brasileira de Educação Musical, 18 (23). pp. 7-14.

Higgins, Lee (2010) Representing practice : community music and arts-based research. In: Coffman, Don D., (ed.) CMA XII : harmonizing the diversity that is community music activity: proceedings from the International Society for Music Education (ISME) 2010 seminar of the Commission for Community Music Activity. ISME, pp. 103-109

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Higgins, Lee (2016) The call, the welcome and the “yes”: Community music and music education. In: Public Lecture Series, 15 Feb 2016, University of Sheffield, UK. (Unpublished)

Higgins, Lee (2015) The call, the welcome and the “yes”: Community music and music education. In: Music Education and Community, May 2015, The Centre of Excellence in Music Pedagogy, Lavel University, Quebec City, Canada. (Unpublished)

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Kerrigan, Finola and Dennis, Noel (2011) The secret jazz fan: a tale of sublimation featuring film and music. Arts Marketing: An International Journal, 1 (1). pp. 56-69.


Lancaster, David (2014) Apocalypse. [Composition]

Lancaster, David (2015) Batubulan - for solo piano. [Composition]

Lancaster, David (2017) The Dark Gate - for soprano and piano. [Composition]

Lancaster, David (2011) The Enemy Within. [Composition]

Lancaster, David (2009) Fallen. [Composition]

Lancaster, David (2015) Gentle - for soprano and marimba. [Composition]

Lancaster, David (2016) Hiraeth - for piano trio. [Composition]

Lancaster, David (2009) Memory of Place. [Composition]

Lancaster, David (2015) Rough Cut. [Composition]

Lancaster, David (2013) Six Downie Nocturnes - for viola and piano. [Composition]

Lancaster, David Strata - for orchestra. [Composition]

Lancaster, David (2015) Strike - for quintet. [Composition]

Lancaster, David (2012) Velocity - for string quartet. [Composition]

Lancaster, David (2010) Vertigo. [Composition]


Marrington, Mark (2017) Composing with the Digital Audio Workstation. In: Williams, Justin and Williams, Katherine, (eds.) The singer-songwriter handbook. Bloomsbury

Marrington, Mark (2011) Experiencing Musical Composition in the DAW: The Software Interface as Mediator of the Musical Idea. Journal on the Art of Record Production (5).

Marrington, Mark (2017) From DJ to djent-step: Technology and the re-coding of metal music since the 1980s. Metal Music Studies, 3 (2). pp. 251-268.

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Marrington, Mark (2014) Music of the Cactus Land’: a consideration of musical style and text setting in Denis ApIvor’s The Hollow Men. British Music: the journal of the British Music Society, 36.

Marrington, Mark (2017) Paradigms of Music Software Interface Design and Musical Creativity. In: Hepworth-Sawyer, Russ and Hodgson, Jay and Paterson, Justin and Toulson, Rob, (eds.) Innovation in Music II. 1 ed. KES Transactions on Innovation in Music (2). Shoreham-by-Sea, Future Technology Press, pp. 52-63

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McCaleb, J Murphy (2014) Developing Ensemble Musicians. In: From Output to Impact: The integration of artistic research results into musical training. Proceedings of the 2014 ORCiM Seminar, 19–20 November 2014, Orpheus Research Centre in Music, Ghent.. (Unpublished)

McCaleb, J Murphy (2014) Embodied Knowledge in Ensemble Performance. SEMPRE Studies in The Psychology of Music . Ashgate

McCaleb, J Murphy (2016) 'Heart of Tones' and the Dilation of Time. In: RMA Study Day: Keeping Time? New Approaches to Temporality, 13 June 2016, University of York. (Unpublished)

McCaleb, J Murphy (2016) Playing Together: developing ensembles through musical play. In: Performance Studies Network Fourth International Conference, 14–17 July 2016, Bath Spa University. (Unpublished)

Mellor, Liz (2011) What is 'known' in community music in higher education? Engagement, emotional learning and an ecology of ideas from the student perspective. International Journal of Community Music, 4 (3). pp. 257-275.

Mellor, Liz (2013) An investigation of singing, health and well-being as a group process. British Journal of Music Education, 30 (02). pp. 177-205.

Mordue, Tom and Dennis, Noel (2017) Performing jazz and the jazz constellation. Marketing Theory, 17 (2). pp. 241-257.


Peters, Gary (2017) Improvising improvisation : from out of philosophy, music, dance, and literature. University of Chicago Press

Peters, Gary (2016) What is a Live Event? In: Reason, Matthew and Lindelof, Anja, (eds.) Experiencing liveness in contemporary performance: interdisciplinary perspectives. 1 ed. Routledge, pp. 163-177


Swain, Spencer (2018) From a symbol of ‘Broken Britain’, grime has become a voice for the voiceless. The Conversation.

Swain, Spencer (2018) Grime music and dark leisure: exploring grime, morality and synoptic control. Annals of Leisure Research. pp. 1-13.


Wilsmore, Robert (2006) Building sounds: the architecture of the sonic and the solid. [Show/Exhibition]

Wilsmore, Robert (2010) Intermezzo No.1: ‘The time between the notes’ (the ‘Yes’ of consonancein absentia). Parallax, 16 (3). pp. 28-31.

Wilsmore, Robert (2018) The Pink Floyd Intensity: Humanity, aesthetics and the breathless fan. In: Hart, C. and Gregory, G. and Morrison, S., (eds.) Pink Floyd. A Multi-disciplinary Understanding of a Global Music Brand. London and New York, Routledge (Submitted)

Wilsmore, Robert (2002) Techno, trance and the modern chamber choir: intellectual game or music to groove to? Leonardo music journal, 12. pp. 61-63.

Wilsmore, Robert (2010) The demonic and the divine: unfixing replication in the phenomenology of sampling. Journal of Music, Technology and Education, 3 (1). pp. 5-16.

Wilsmore, Robert and Johnson, Christopher (2017) The mix is. The mix is not. In: Hepworth-Sawyer, Russ and Hodgson, Jay, (eds.) Mixing music. New York, Routledge, pp. 188-198

Wilsmore, Robert and Piasecki, Simon (2011) Authentic replicants: brothers between decades between Kraftwerk(s). In: Albiez, S. and Pattie, D., (eds.) Kraftwerk: music non-stop. Continuum, pp. 80-96

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