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Adams, Kweku and Ansah, James, Kwesi (2015) The Influence of Economic Reforms and Private Sector Development Initiatives on Financial Foreign Direct Investment Inflows into Sub-Saharan Africa: Insights from Ghana. African Journal of Applied Research (AJAR), 1 (1).

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Adams, Mark (2015) Work in Progress. [Show/Exhibition]

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Booth, Naomi (2015) The lost art of sinking. Penned in the Margins

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Campanello, Kimberly (2015) Chloran, St John’s Well, From a Concerned Citizen (three poems). Tears in the Fence (61).

Campanello, Kimberly (2015) Consent. Doire Press

Campanello, Kimberly (2015) The Green. In: Hallelujah for 50 ft Women: Poems About Women’s Relationship to Their Bodies. London, Bloodaxe, pp. 77-78

Campanello, Kimberly (2015) Launches of Strange Country in Dublin, Cork and Galway. [Performance]

Campanello, Kimberly (2015) Poem in response to Alban Berg. In: Fowler, S. J., (ed.) Kakania: An Anthology of New Works. London, Austrian Cultural Forum

Campanello, Kimberly (2015) Reading for Paris Poets Live Series. [Performance]

Campanello, Kimberly (2015) Strange Country. The Dreadful Press

Campanello, Kimberly (2015) Three poems translated into Polish by Kamila Pawluś. Artpapier.

Campanello, Kimberly (2015) entry in Ireland section of Poetry International. In: Ramsell, Billy and Makris, Christodoulos, (eds.) Poetry International. Rotterdam, Poetry International

Campanello, Kimberly and Dwyer, Benjamin (2015) Poetry reading at Prague Microfestival. [Performance]

Campanello, Kimberly, Dwyer, Benjamin and Griffith, Dylan (2015) Premiere of SacrumProfanum at the Belfast Book Festival. [Performance]

Campanello, Kimberly, Dwyer, Benjamin and Knox, Garth (2015) Imagines. Dublin, New Dublin Press

Campanello, Kimberly, Dwyer, Benjamin and Knox, Garth (2015) Preimiere of imagines obesae et aspectui ingratae at Barrow River Arts Festival. [Performance]

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