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Adams, Dawda, Adams, Kweku, Ullah, Subhan and Ullah, Farid (2019) Globalisation, governance, accountability and the natural resource ‘curse’: Implications for socio-economic growth of oil-rich developing countries. Resources policy : the International Journal of Minerals Policy and Economics, 61. pp. 128-140.

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Campbell, Amy, Grace, Fergal, Ritchie, Louise, Beaumont, Alexander and Sculthorpe, Nick (2019) Long-Term Aerobic Exercise Improves Vascular Function in Old Age: A Systematic Review, Meta-Analysis and Meta Regression of Observational and Interventional Studies. Frontiers in Physiology. (In Press)

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Dechant, Pierre-Philippe and He, Yang-He (2019) Machine-learning a virus assembly fitness landscape. arXive. (Unpublished)


Edgar, Robert, Mann, Fraser and Pleasance, Helen (2019) Music, Memory and Memoir. London, Bloomsbury (In Press)

Edgar, Robert, Mann, Fraser and Pleasance, Helen (2019) Music, Memory and Memoir: Critical and creative engagement with an emerging genre. Journal of Writing in Creative Practice. (In Press)

Edgar, Robert and Marland, John (2019) Adaptation for Scriptwriters. Bloomsbury (In Press)

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Gupta, Abhishek, Kowalczuk, Marek, Heaselgrave, Wayne, Britland, Stephen T., Martin, Claire and Radecka, Iza (2019) The production and application of hydrogels for wound management: A review. European Polymer Journal, 111. pp. 134-151.


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Hemmings, B., Watson, Nick J. and Parker, A. (2019) Introduction. In: Hemmings, B., Watson, Nick J. and Parker, A., (eds.) Sport, Psychology and Christianity: Welfare, Performance and Consultancy. Routledge (In Press)

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Hind, Claire (2019) Les Masses noires. Subversion d’un concept du xviiie siècle ou La transformation de la Page noire de Laurence Sterne en fenêtre sur le paysage shandynien, une oeuvre de Gary Winters et Claire Hind. Theatre Public, 231.

Holder, Sophie M., Brislane, Áine, Dawson, Ellen A., Hopkins, Nicola D., Hopman, Maria T.E., Cable, Timothy, Jones, Helen, Schreuder, Tim H.A., Sprung, Victoria S., Naylor, Louise, Maiorana, Andrew, Thompson, Andrew, Thijssen, Dick H.J. and Green, Daniel J. (2019) Relationship between endothelial function and the eliciting shear stress stimulus in women: Changes across the lifespan differ to men. Journal of the American Heart Association, 8 (4).

Hoven, M., Watson, Nick J. and Parker, A. (2019) Conclusion. In: Hoven, M., Watson, Nick J. and Parker, A., (eds.) Sport and Christianity: Practices for the Twenty-First Century. Bloomsbury (In Press)

Hoven, M., Watson, Nick J. and Parker, A. (2019) Introduction. In: Hoven, M., Watson, Nick J. and Parker, A., (eds.) Sport and Christianity: Practices for the Twenty-First Century. T&T Clark (In Press)


Jesson, Stuart (2019) ‘The question in each and every thing’: Nietzsche and Weil on affirmation. International Journal for Philosophy of Religion.

Jones, O., Claxton, J. and Gold, Jeff (2019) Process improvement capability: a study of the development of practice(s). Business Process Management Journal. (In Press)

Jordan, Alastair, Tew, Garry, Hutchins, Stephen, Shalan, Ahmed, Cook, Liz and Thompson, Andrew (2019) Three-curve rocker-soled shoes and gait adaptations to intermittent claudication pain: a randomised crossover trial. Gait & Posture, 67. pp. 31-36.


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Kirkland, Christopher (2019) Brexit: what are Theresa May’s options for a ‘plan B’? The Conversation.

Klaces, Caleb (2019) Short Story: 'Love Story'. Hotel.

Kretchmar, S.K. and Watson, Nick J. (2019) The Paradoxical Athlete: Chesterton on Play and Work. In: Hoven, M., Watson, Nick J. and Parker, A., (eds.) Sport and Christianity: Practices for the Twenty-First Century. Bloomsbury (In Press)


Lawson Welsh, Sarah (2019) Andrea Levy: her important body of work set out what it is to be black and British. The Conversation.


Mann, Fraser (2019) “The road bare and white”: Hemingway, Europe and the artifice of ritualised space. Alicante Journal of English Studies, 31. pp. 15-32.

Mierzwinski, Mark, Cock, Steven and Velija, Philippa (2019) A Position Statement on Social Justice, Physical Education and Bullying: A Figurational Sociological Perspective. Quest.

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Rivett, Gary and Pilossof, Rory (2019) Imagining Change, Imaginary Futures: “Conditions of Possibility” in Pre-Independence Southern Rhodesia, 1959–1963. Social Science History. (In Press)


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Sherry, Simon and Smith, Martin M. (2019) Young people drowning in a rising tide of perfectionism. The Conversation.

Smith, Martin M. and Mallinson-Howard, Sarah H. (2019) Could striving for perfection damage your health? [Video] (Unpublished)

Smith, Martin M., Sherry, S. B., Saklofske, D. H., Vidovic, V., Stoeber, J. and Benoit, A. (2019) Trying to be Perfect in an Imperfect World: Recent Advances in Perfectionism Research [Symposium]. In: Canadian Psychological Association 2019 Convention, 31 May - 2 June 2019, Halifax, Canada. (Unpublished)

Smith, Martin M., Sherry, Simon B., Glowacka, Maria, Speth, Tamara A., Stewart, Sherry H., Saklofske, Donald H. and Etherson, Marianne (2019) Who is the Most Demanding of Them All? A Multisource Investigation of Other-Oriented Perfectionism, Socially Prescribed Perfectionism, and Depressive Symptoms. Personality and Individual Differences, 138. pp. 328-332.

Smith, Martin M., Sherry, Simon B., Vidovic, Vanja, Saklofske, Donald H., Stoeber, Joachim and Benoit, Ayrn (2019) Perfectionism and the Five-Factor Model of Personality: A Meta-Analytic Review. Personality and Social Psychology Review.

Sobczack, Justyna and Gaskell, M. Gareth (2019) Implicit versus explicit mechanisms of vocabulary learning and consolidation. Journal of Memory and Language, 106. pp. 1-17.

Sperryn-Jones, Joanna (2019) The risk of breaking. VIS Journal, 1 (1).

Spokes, Matthew (2019) The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, procedural rhetoric and the military-entertainment complex: two case studies from the War on Terror. Media, War and Conflict.

Spokes, Matthew and Denham, Jack (2019) Developing Interactive Elicitation: Social Desirability Bias and Capturing Play. The Qualitative Report. (In Press)

Stockdale, Kelly (2019) Police staff. In: Treadwell, James and Lyne, Adam, (eds.) 50 Facts Everyone in Britain Should Know About Crime. Policy Press (In Press)


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Vaughan, Robert, Madigan, Daniel J., Carter, Gregory and Nicholls, Adam R. (2019) The Dark Triad in Male and Female Athletes and Non-Athletes: Group Differences and Psychometric Properties of the Short Dark Triad (SD3). Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 43. pp. 64-72.

Village, Andrew (2019) The Church of England in the First Decade of the 21st Century: findings from the Church Times surveys. Palgrave Macmillan

Vincent, Jonathan (2019) It’s the fear of the unknown: transition from higher education for young autistic adults. Autism: International Journal of Research and Practice.


Watson, Nick J. (2019) Identity in Sport: Reflections on Welfare, Performance and Consultancy Practice within a Christian Worldview. In: Hemmings, B., Watson, Nick J. and Parker, A., (eds.) Sport, Psychology and Christianity: Welfare, Performance and Consultancy. Routledge (In Press)

Watt, Peter and Costea, Bogdan (2019) Reappraising Charles Webb’s The Graduate (1963): Exploring cultural and historical elements of a character in the contemporary economy. Organization. (In Press)

Whitewood, Peter (2019) 'The International Situation: Fear of Invasion and Growing Authoritarianism'. In: Douds, Lara, Harris, James and Whitewood, Peter, (eds.) The Fate of the Bolshevik Revolution: Illiberal Liberation, 1917-1941. Bloomsbury (In Press)

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